Can You Cancel Planet Fitness Over The Phone

Can You Cancel Planet Fitness Over The Phone. Not only have you been charged for the cost of your membership even though you have not been going in for months, but you will also be responsible for paying an additional fee for canceling the membership you have with the gym early. Members who are 15 to 17 years old must have a signed waiver from a parent or guardian on file.

How to Cancel Fitness Membership Gadgetswright from

You can fill out a cancellation form at the front desk of your home club, or send a letter (preferably via certified mail) to your club requesting cancellation. We hate to see you go! Members aged 13 and 14 must be accompanied by a parent or guardian when they work out.

By Mail, You Can Cancel Planet Fitness:

There are only two ways to cancel a subscription with planet fitness, either through a certified letter or by visiting the club in. People prank cancel memberships over the phone all the time. By mail, you can cancel planet fitness:

Write A Letter Canceling Your Gym Membership.

Planet fitness wouldn't let me cancel over the phone, and required a certified letter to cancel since i live in a different state now. Include the following details in your document: Write a letter requesting the cancellation of your membership.

Visiting In Person Or Sending A Letter.

You can join pf starting at the age of 13 with a parent/legal guardian’s permission; Write a letter canceling your gym membership. Depending on the state and which the franchise owner is.

No, You Can’t Cancel Your Planet Fitness Membership Over The Phone.

Cancel your planet fitness membership by phone. Unfortunately, you cannot cancel your planet fitness subscription via telephone. We'll send inspirational quotes directly to your inbox.

There Is An Expensive Planet Fitness Cancellation Fee.

Ask if you are in a contract or free to cancel. There have been cases of individuals (usually boyfriends/girlfriends) that have deceptively closed accounts in a vindictive manner. However, you cannot cancel a planet fitness club membership via telephone or email.

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