Valorant New Act Release Date

Valorant New Act Release Date. Valorant episode 4 act 3 release date players won't have to wait much longer in order to jump into the new valorant act, as of now, the battle pass for episode 4 act. It offers players both a paid and free track of rewards to receive and will cost 1,000vp to purchase.

Valorant's Act II delayed, current act extended for two weeks from

So, keep your eyes peeled on valorant's social media for. When is valorant episode 5 act 2? This means we should see act 3 release the same day or april 27th, 2022.

The Following Are The New Expected Release Dates For The Upcoming Episode 3 And Episode 4 Acts In Valorant.

Riot games will soon release episode 4 act 3 for its popular fps title, valorant, and here’s everything you need to know about the next act’s start time and release date. This means we should see act 3 release the same day or april 27th, 2022. We’ve had an early look at valorant’s upcoming battle pass for episode 5 (dimension) act 1.

Valorant Episode 5 Act 2 Is Out Soon And Details From Leakers Are Emerging.

The valorant release date is 2 june, 2020. Discovered by dataminer, floxay, these are: And with this, a new battle pass will arrive.

Everything About Upcoming Valorant Episode 4 Act 3.

Riot games confirmed that valorant episode 5 act 1 will start on wednesday, june 22nd, 2022. Episode 5 act 1 of valorant was a controversial patch. Here are all of the rewards for valorant’s episode 5 act 1 battle pass, as well as the release date and price.

First Look, Abilities, Nationality, & More.

While there has been no official release date for valorant episode 5 act 2, based off historical precedence, and the scheduled end of the act 1 battle pass, we have a good idea of the start date for valorant episode 5 act 2. This will serve as a maintenance event before the new act drops. Based on when the act 1 battle pass ends, players can expect episode 5 act 2 to be released.

We Know That Because The Episode 3 Act 3 Battle Pass Ends On That Same Date And The Downtime Between Seasons Has Historically Been Kept To A Minimum.

Valorant is set to have a huge update soon, with the ending of episode 4 act 3 arriving soon. So far, beyond the valorant episode 5 act 1 end date, we’re expecting the arrival of a brand new agent with the valorant mage release date rumoured to coincide with episode 5 act 2 kicking off.however, any chops, changes, and introductions have yet to be confirmed by developer riot games. With the removal of ascent and the addition of a new map.agents.

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